Released: June 3, 2003

Battle of the Nudes

  1. Into the Night
  2. Figment
  3. Christmas Time in Toronto
  4. Willow Logic
  5. Pascal's Submarine
  6. 11th Fret
  7. Who By Rote
  8. Steeplechase
  9. More Me Less You
  10. We're hardcore
  11. Pillform, No. 2
  12. Pillform, No. 1
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there's a cruel crumpling sound from over yonder by the steeplechase
it's a sound of coming down like horses slamming on
the brakes it's the sound of a crowd, of an equine crowd
Hin the vacuum of its age

it's a sound coming down of an entirely different race
it's a sound coming down like il palio
sent splayed and sprawling into a cafe in an explosion of table legs and trays
it's a sound coming down like a chuckwagon when it strays
a little too far from the stampede days
and slams into the butterfly chase
that's the sound
coming down

Song Bio

listen, don't guess Nice Julie Nice Dale Is he good looking? What am I saying? We're all good looking. can I stay til I make some arrangements? then we can begin our estrangement? your personal conviction's fierce it's been in your family for years but in your ponytail blown loose I can see what this is doing to you Listen don't guess please listen, don't just guess there's words I wanna say like, 'follow me, I know the way' We're close to the rail Never more like a candle In breezes full and fragrant we begin our estrangement

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