Released: January 16, 2001

Coke Machine Glow

  1. Starpainters
  2. Vancouver Divorce
  3. SF Song
  4. Trick Rider
  5. Canada Geese
  6. Chancellor
  7. The Never-Ending Present
  8. Nothing But Heartache In Your Social Life
  9. Blackflies
  10. Lofty Pines
  11. Boy Bruised By Butterfly Chase
  12. Mystery
  13. Elaborate
  14. Yer Possessed
  15. Every Irrelevance
  16. Insomniacs Of The World, Good Night
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So your name wasn't in the listing
Or in the catalogue of lists
Or in the error heavily listing.
Oh how could your name be missed?
See the bull moose
Checking out another's rack.
There's no point in this.
There's no point in getting involved
When the outcome cannot miss.
No tracks in the snow, no laminar flow,
Can show you "where to go"
Or "how to extract just where you're at"
And not "become where you're from."
'Cause you're not quite that isolatable.
And all I'm thinking is,
I hope the blackflies don't carry me away.

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