Released: January 16, 2001

Coke Machine Glow

  1. Starpainters
  2. Vancouver Divorce
  3. SF Song
  4. Trick Rider
  5. Canada Geese
  6. Chancellor
  7. The Never-Ending Present
  8. Nothing But Heartache In Your Social Life
  9. Blackflies
  10. Lofty Pines
  11. Boy Bruised By Butterfly Chase
  12. Mystery
  13. Elaborate
  14. Yer Possessed
  15. Every Irrelevance
  16. Insomniacs Of The World, Good Night
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Somewhere there's a soccer game.
I can hear the wild crowd moan.
It's not that life here's distasteful to me
It's just that I'm all alone.
I wanted what took a lifetime to learn.
And that determined then
With no more pause than a sigh
Turn and start again.
It's not that it's such a mystery.
I saw it from miles away.
In time I'll only think of you
When I'm buttering my toast
Or in some other reflexive moment
When I expect the least
Or the most.
It's not the most.
It's not that it's such a mystery
It was practically on display.

We've got "world enough and time"
And "wither youth" comes or goes.
I hope you'll always think of me as "mine"
And not one of those.
It's not that it's such a mystery
This new-found malaise.
It's just that this mystery
Has taken your place.

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