Released: January 16, 2001

Coke Machine Glow

  1. Starpainters
  2. Vancouver Divorce
  3. SF Song
  4. Trick Rider
  5. Canada Geese
  6. Chancellor
  7. The Never-Ending Present
  8. Nothing But Heartache In Your Social Life
  9. Blackflies
  10. Lofty Pines
  11. Boy Bruised By Butterfly Chase
  12. Mystery
  13. Elaborate
  14. Yer Possessed
  15. Every Irrelevance
  16. Insomniacs Of The World, Good Night
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Trick Rider

My wild child, your night light's on,
You're in your mild depths,
The moon is on the lawn.
Just make your friends
While you're still young,
Before you can't see
Through anyone

And if you're trick-riding out in the rain,
Don't expect me to watch
And don't ask me to explain.

I'll be your friend, your last refuge,
When things get weird
And weird breaks huge.
I'll stroke your hair,
I'll dry your cheeks
When failures come
And no one speaks,

But if you're on a horse,
Trick-riding in the mud and rain,
You can't expect me to watch
Or ask me to explain.

But if you're on a horse,
Trick-riding in the mud and rain,
Don't make me watch
Don't ask me to explain

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