Released: June 8, 2010

The Grand Bounce

  1. The East Wind
  2. Moon Over Glenora
  3. As A Mover
  4. The Dance And Its Disappearance
  5. The Hard Canadian
  6. Gone
  7. The Drowning Machine
  8. Yellow Days
  9. Night Is For Getting
  10. Moonslow Yer Lashes
  11. Pinned
  12. Retrace
  13. Broadcast
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Moon Over Glenora

"Well I'd rather dress a wolf," you said. "Well I'd rather floss his teeth,' I said. We fought til the ferry was full and that wolf was dead. "Ship's ahoy' and we're out of the car, under howling winds and skies of lead, we might as well have been crossing the ocean except this ocean is dead. There's a smudge of moon over Glenora, ferry spotlight's on the ice ahead, and over your shoulder and through the snowflakes there's an aloneness. Aloneness. Aloneness as dead, as dead as that ocean is dead. And that ocean is dead. Back under the glow of the interior light, blowing hard into my hands I said, "Let's leave this boat to the snowflakesâ?¦ to the aloneness.' Aloneness. Aloneless as dead, as that ocean is dead. And that ocean is dead.

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