Released: June 8, 2010

The Grand Bounce

  1. The East Wind
  2. Moon Over Glenora
  3. As A Mover
  4. The Dance And Its Disappearance
  5. The Hard Canadian
  6. Gone
  7. The Drowning Machine
  8. Yellow Days
  9. Night Is For Getting
  10. Moonslow Yer Lashes
  11. Pinned
  12. Retrace
  13. Broadcast
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High as an elephant's eye before we even left, and when the party had died, and as we drank the rest, I retrace my steps. Snowy basketball court, cross the cold courthouse steps, hanging on every word, hearing everything you say as I retrace my steps. I retrace my steps, I wear a lonely path, I retrace my steps and back. Woke up this afternoon, a pale sun in the west. I haven't left my room. I haven't taken a step, as I retrace my steps.

I retrace my steps until no trace remains and I'll retrace my steps again. I'll retrace my steps though I know we're all saying "Goodbye'. You know, I'll retrace my steps again, tonight. Tonight.

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