Released: June 8, 2010

The Grand Bounce

  1. The East Wind
  2. Moon Over Glenora
  3. As A Mover
  4. The Dance And Its Disappearance
  5. The Hard Canadian
  6. Gone
  7. The Drowning Machine
  8. Yellow Days
  9. Night Is For Getting
  10. Moonslow Yer Lashes
  11. Pinned
  12. Retrace
  13. Broadcast
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The Hard Canadian

The Hard Canadian, he don't have much to say but he hurts your feelings almost every single day. Takes a puff-a-nothin, picks something from his tongue, he's the Hard Canadian. The Hard Canadian doesn't care what you do. The Hard Canadian don't give a damn about you. What's a windswept face, the elusive presence of the sun, to the Hard Canadian? The Hard Canadian is all darkness in his heart but for the glow of her nightgown through the dark. Yea, but then he blurs the image, drags his brush through the wet pigment, cause he's the Hard Canadian. His berating heart, grown thorny with sin and oh the silences, he don't listen to them. Whether he's just mean or willfully dense, he says, "from life nothing; to death nothing.' The hard Canadian is what he throws away and he hurt her feelings almost every single day. Now he takes a shot of nothing, stares off remembering someone. That's the hard canadian. That's the hard canadian. He's the hard canadian.

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