August 15, 2011

Beside Each Other

I have known Andrea Nann a long time. We have worked together on a number of things over the years.

Andrea has always challenged me to look deeper. She has taught me so much about movement and expression

Andrea brings me to edge of touching what is, at once, our newest and oldest art form, dance.

I am grateful to know her.

I have the greatest amount of respect and admiration for dancers in today’s world; for their grace, their beauty, their strength and vulnerabilty.

Dancers do a balancing act on flat ground, holding a mirror to man’s reality while at the same time hinting at his ideal, and by doing so, remind us how unsure, how precarious, how high, flat ground can be.

Here’s what dancer/choreographer Crystal Pite once said;

“Dance disappears almost at the moment of its manifestation.

It is an extreme expression of the present, a perfect metaphor

for life. Dancers sculpt space in real time, working inside a

form that is constantly in a state of vanishing. We have no

artifacts. I find it strangely beautiful to be creating something

that is made of us – made of our breath and blood and bones

and minds. Something that is made of the space we occupy

and made of the space between us. We embody both the dance

and its disappearance.”

I have watched ‘Beside Each Other’ come together, I have seen Andrea and Brendan as they’ve worked through it and

it is…amazing.

I am humbled.

I can’t imagine a bigger honour than being a part of ‘Beside Each Other’,

Young Centre for the Performing Arts presents
Dreamwalker Dance Company in

Beside Each Other

World Premiere!

A work of delicate humour, profound insight and extraordinary physical skill.” – Shirley Goldberg

Michael Young Theatre
Toronto, Ontario

A 60 minute dance work inspired by and performed to music from Coke Machine Glow and Battle of the Nudes.

Featuring Andrea Nann and Brendan Wyatt with original music and poetry by Gord Downie, visuals by Elysha Poirier, lighting and production design by David Duclos. Facillitated by dramaturge Guy Cools.

Downie released his debut book of poetry, and an accompanying solo album “Coke Machine Glow”, in 2001. Beside Each Other is a contemporary dance performance that captures the intimacy of this work with a series of short duets (performed by Nann and Wyatt), Beside Each Other explores the private landscape between two lovers as they tread through deep intimacy, heartache, restlessness, separation and transcendence into a harmonious love. Beautifully articulate and complex, paired on the same landscape, one near the other, their balance creates wholeness.

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